1) The dwellings are for the exclusive use of the persons declared at check-in.

2) Only personal luggage may be placed in the rooms, excluding any equipment which could cause disturbance or danger of damages.

4) No animals of any species must be brought into the residence a part from those known and accepted at check in.

5) Payments: the specified tariffs must be paid strictly at the check in.

6) When to leave the dwelling, fulfil the specified duties and return the badges:  check out from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m..

7) The guest is responsible for cleaning the kitchen and washing the dishes. If these tasks are not carried out, the guest will be debited with a € 30.00 surcharge on leaving.             

8) No technical assistance is provided for any different electrical fittings the guest may have. The guest is requested to communicate any shortcomings s/he may notice in the dwelling. The guest must not overload the electrical system, and waste energy, water and services in general.

9) The outdoor parking area is not manned. Therefore, the management is not liable for any damages or theft.

10) If the guest intends to prolong his/her stay with respect to the agreed period, s/he must request this promptly. If this request can be accepted, the tariff for the new agreed period will be applied. An advanced departure will not lead to any reimbursements.

11) The customer must carefully take care of the goods provided to him/her for use, and must use them with the diligence of a good father/mother and conform to the use instructions and regulations provided. The customer is personally responsible for any damages caused by his/her visitors or guests.An inventory is supplied inside the dwellings, fully listing the contents and the relevant prices.Any shortages must be reported by the customers within 5 days from their arrival in the dwelling.Any breakages will be verified and reimbursed on leaving.

12) The entrance doors and windows of the dwellings must always be kept strictly closed.

13) Customers must deliver all the badges in their possession when checking out. The cost of any not-returned badges will be € 20,00.

14) In the event of failure to observe even one of the instructions contained in these regulations, management will immediately eject the guest.