Who is subject to city tax

From August 1, 2012 the town of Verona (the city council resolution no. 247, published July 18, 2012 July 25, 2012) established the city tax, the taxable persons are those who stay in accommodation facilities located in the municipality and applies to any overnight (or for each person and per night). It ‘also determined an upper limit to pay the tax. The city tax is in fact applied for a maximum period of five nights per person per month.

(See Article 5, paragraph 3 municipal regulation).

How to pay

Hotel accommodations and lodging options classified

 Residences, guest houses, residences, houses with restaurants, apartments for tourism business etc..

FIRST CLASS EURO  2.50 per person per day

(the amount will be paid at the check in and it is not included in the amount of the reservation)


They are exempted from payment of the guests under these circumstances (art. 4 municipal regulation):

a) registered at the residents of the City of Verona;

b) children within the 14th year of age;

c) those who stay at youth hostels;

d) the City of Verona in the case of expenses incurred by the City for overnight stays the same;

e) patients who have to make therapies in health facilities in the municipal site and an accompanying person;

f) who assists the patients admitted to health facilities in the municipality, because of an escort for the patient;

g) the parents or carers delegates, who care for children under 18 admitted to health facilities in the municipal site, for up to two people per patient;

h) the handicapped dependents, and their companion;

i) the bus drivers and attendants who provide assistance to organized groups. The exemption applies to each bus driver and an attendant for every 25 participants;

j) the members of the Armed Forces, the State and Local Police and the National Corps of Firemen which pernottino for official purposes.

Some of these exemptions (points e – f – g) must be supported by delivery to the accommodation manager, a self to build on models already prepared by the City of Verona will be available in the web page on the site of the City of Verona.